Is Halloween too commercial?

I don’t know if anyone noticed yet (or maybe it’s me who just woke up) that Halloween has become awfully commercial.

Here is another day in the life of a mom at home . I was walking in a store yesterday with

my 3 years old. When I finally managed to get her past the toy section (Phew!), we headed towards the Halloween section to look at the costumes.

See, last year I bought a costume that would be big enough for this year too. WRONG. Miss 3 years old told me that she doesn’t like her green fairy outfit anymore and is not going to wear it at Halloween :-O  (I think we’ve got a 3 years old teenager here)

So here we go again and I look and look and all there is its little light costumes that you could wear in summer. Hey! You people that take money from us! Come on! Remember the part where we go outside from house to house to trick or treat?!?  We don’t all live in Florida! Here it’s freezing at that moment of the year!

After my “in thoughts” fit, we settle for a pink skirt, pink wings and a pink crown that she can wear over her pink warm clothes. Did I mention that miss 3 years old likes pink? 🙂

To come back to the commercial part of the holiday, I just meant that it used to be about the candy gathering. We also used to have the greatest fun making our own costumes with our parent’s old clothes from the 60ties or the 70ties. So what happened to these parts?

Me a mom at home


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