One of those…

Today was one of those days who says that you better set your mind to it because winter is coming! Yep nice and sunny but freezing. Even if it’s too early for this it made me feel

like putting Christmas decorations on. Slow down miss. It didn’t even snow yet! We still went and got our scrapers and shovels because, when it actually snows here, it is really hard to find any winter equipment in stores. Yeah we got caught like that in 2010 but not this year ! We are ready .

So I have put my hammock away in the shed with a pinch to my heart. I am one of those that would love to escape the winter and live on a tropical paradise with eternal summer (but no bugs and hurricane Smile). We are getting ready slowly by  storing all the chairs , table, bikes, etc.

I guess it is a little sad with no colors left in nature. Well thank god( or the farmers) for the pumpkin who breaks the dullness of October. We bought 2, one to cut open with a scary face and another one that me and missy can paint on and change it into whatever she feels like( I like to let her create as she please). That way one of them will still be good for pumpkin pie. This year I chose small ones. Usually I don’t like  wasting and last year we had pumpkin pie filling for ages.

A mom at home


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