Trick or treat

summer vacation gaspesie july 2011 524We had such a good time to go from house to house on Monday. We all had a costume and dressed up warmly because it was freeeeezing! I mean tuques underneath the wigs ,coats underneath the costumes and mittens as well. It did not matter at all. I am not one of those “to proud to dress for the weather” person. We had such a great time together and

my daughter was so exited it was hilarious!

Sadly I did not see any of the parents wearing a costume and I don’t care! We were in the spirit of Halloween and we wanted to make our girl happy and have fun! There was probably some disguised parents in town somewhere. We left our box of candy on the patio so kids could have some even if there was nobody home . I should have wrote on it : take at least 3 chips and 3 chocolate PLEASE! because only a little bit was gone when we got home. Let’s say that children are well behaved around here. Laughing out loud

So after we were back we poured everything on the table and missy went strait for the lollipops because they looked so pretty (she never had one before). So I couldn’t say no to that little face. we sorted things and kept the chocolate and the chips and the lollipop and the rest went to the bin. I tried to pass it to other children but no one came after we were back. I don’t usually feed my girl candy so there is no point on making her like too much new kind candy.

Me a mom at home


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