Look at those cute lunches!!

Cute lunch box from: lunchinabox.net

Speed bento technique: Freezing sandwiches | Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento.

As a mother it’s normal to run out of inspiration for lunches. I don’t pack lunches but I need to constantly look for ideas  so I don’t get stuck with the same food all the time. Children are difficult with

food sometimes. Like my sweet little girl, one day she loves something and the next day she doesn’t want to look at it. But children always love something that has a funny shape or that is in a pretty container or in a colourful plate.

Take a look at the picture! I don’t see any child who wouldn’t want to eat this fun lunch. Variety with left overs, colors, fun shapes, something to make the other children jealous of yours. Lunch in a box is full of tricks to pack lunches with little surprises.  Have you ever seen a boiled egg shaped as a teddy bear? It was a first for me too! My daughter loves boiled eggs so I better get her  one of those shaper.

She had me when I saw the heart shaped jelly sandwich but there is much more to discover there.

Me a Mom at Home


2 responses to “Look at those cute lunches!!

  1. Love your blog! Glad I ran across it at mom baby!

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