Scary voice?

scary voiceI have been kind of sick for about 4 days now. The first 2 days were all right. I was still positive and ready to fight it. Actually I was sure that was already better when suddenly on the third day,Bang!

That naughty cold let me know that she is a big one and  that she kept some nasty tricks to throw at me now that I am becoming weaker.

She won! I am not fighting her anymore. I say her because I picture “her” as a nasty witch, the same witch who attacked my daughter about a week ago.  So yesterday she threw a spell at me. I now sound like a man or maybe a drag queen. Kind of scary don’t you think?

Well, despite the weird voice that is temporary mine, my little one still loves me and my partner too…I think Winking smile. So from now on, all I am doing is waiting for the bloody cold to fly away on her broom.

Me a mom at home


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