4 year old girl + 25 hours flight = Please Help !

long haul flightThe other day like we do often , we spoke  to hubby’s mom through Skype. She just happened to call while supper was ready so “I sat her” at the table. I mean putting the laptop at the end of the table, so it would be like she’s having a meal with us. She didn’t eat with us in 10 years.

Thinking of hubby…that is such a long time without seeing your mom!

We are living in Canada and Hubby is from Australia so his mom is living over there of course. So after we hung up we decided that we should go there sometime this spring. Yes! Finally a big trip in sunny Australia. How exiting! I can’t wait for daughter to finally meet her grand-mother ( she is such a good person ) , her aunty, uncle, cousins and more.

Then a few days later it hit me. It is going to take around 25 hours of flight, waiting and transferring before we get there. OH MY! I just pictured us on our trip across Canada last summer. The trip that ONLY lasted 6 1/2 hours but seemed to be forever! ?How in hell am I going to keep a 4-year-old busy for that long?

If we fly during the night it is quite possible that we get some sleep but my daughter is not the child who get in a car and sleep. If it’s during the day she will not. I know, like hubby says it is a bit early to worry about it! But I can’t help it. Thinking about him, I am also going to buy some nicotine gums or patches so I don’t have to deal with grumpy daddy on top of that….

I will have to find some activities ( I should say a lot of activities)  that don’t take any place in a bag . Watching a movie with earphones don’t really work for us because all we do in putting the earphones back in her ear and finally nobody can watch the movie so it is only frustrating. Maybe her portable DVD player would help us for a few hours.

Hopefully some nice “long haul flight” experienced mom will read this and help me with all of her great ideas! Just hoping…really anyone with any good idea could help. It does help writing about it but I will see the bright side of the trip when I am more prepared I guess.

Me a mom at home


4 responses to “4 year old girl + 25 hours flight = Please Help !

  1. My son is a bit younger, but here are some ideas that should work for older kids too… (Making stories using a digital camera would be perfect, I would think.)

  2. A story with the photos ! I love this idea Valerie. Thanks for helping! Looks like I might have some fun on the plane after all. I will visit your blog for some more on the subject.

  3. We live in Alaska, so pretty much anywhere is a long flight! Activities, snacks and patience. That’s pretty much it. And prayer. Lots of prayer. Good luck!

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