What is your favourite Christmas decoration?

gingerbread houseIf it’s too early for Christmas decorations well it’s too late for us. The other day when it started snowing ,the Christmas spirit got us ! Missy and I, all the sudden felt like putting the lights outside. Those blue DEL lights are so cute so we couldn’t resist but putting them up on the fence. Too bad what the neighbours might think because we love it and we put the tree inside the day after.

My daughter has played with the Christmas tree ever since it’s there. She takes the ornaments off, put them back  in a different spot. Hours and hours of pure fun. She even made a really long necklace with some wooden beads that I gave her and she decided to hang it in there too. I am thinking of getting rid of some toys and putting the tree in her bedroom after the holidays. It would keep her busy and would do a good night-light . Just joking Winking smile

We started to make Christmas cards to send to our family (they are all very far Life of a mom at homefrom us). Last year I think I mail the cards December 22! It was shameful but better late than never apparently. This year it should be there on time. We made the cards pretty by adding some evil sparkles on it. We will now have a sparkly house  until about  March 2012. Missy loves to craft with those shiny things but they are impossible to get rid of. I don’t mind them until January…then it starts to drive me a little crazy.

What is your favourite Christmas decoration? This week ours was the gingerbread house. Yes I bought a gingerbread house kit. Usually I can find a kit that only contain the house biscuits(and taste good) and I buy candy that can hold and make my own royal icing. I couldn’t find it this year. Well with the kit ( that “create a treat”box that is shaped as a house)you get a tray who helps when you glue the house together. You also get cement icing which is good to stick the walls and the roof (but I had to make some more icing anyway), round candy that are too heavy to hold on the house (it holds if you hold it there for 5 minutes) and the actual gingerbread tasted bad. So it is definitely ONLY a decoration. We made the house after I vacuumed mine (silly me  Confused smile ) and we did such a huge mess! But we had so much fun with it.

Me a mom at home


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