The lazy mom story box

I love to read blogs, especially other mom’s blog. It makes me feel more “normal” Surprised smileand usually it is full of amazing ideas for all kinds of little thing that needs a solution or just fun activities to do with your child. Today I came upon a wonderful post  that just made sense to me.

Me and Missy often make our own stories. I start a story about anything I might think of and she continues it, adding whatever she feels like. We alternate and keep going until one of us decide that  it’s finish and it has a proper ending( generally happy ending) . It’s always fun, however sometimes imagination needs a little help because it tends to gravitate towards the same things all the time. Our imagination probably always bring us things we  like or would like.

So I came upon JourneyLeaf: Life a Page at a Time – The Story Box who is sharing a good idea. It’s so simple and doesn’t cost a dime! You just grab a box that you already have and fill it with little objects like toys, buttons, string or anything  you find. Then you and your child can pick a few object and make a story out of it.

The great things about it is that you’re helping your imagination to go  places it probably wouldn’t go. Also, your child gets to hold a piece of the story, how great is that!

Yesterday when I read the post, I actually saw myself  picking up little toys that always get stock underneath  the sofa. Well,  no more finding the right place for each little piece. I’ll just grab an old carton box from somewhere, decorate it as a craft activity with Missy and  fill it up on my next vacuum trip around the house.  So I guess I could call my box ” the lazy mom story box” Laughing out loud

Stimulating my child’s imagination and creativity always makes me happy but doing all that PLUS saving myself some steps, makes the smile on my face even  bigger! Thank to Valerie at JourneyLeaf for sharing “the story box” and I will certainly updated this post to tell  how Missy went with it.

Me a mom at home


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