Christmas craft : Easy Christmas stars

Christmas craft: christmas starThe other day on my search for Christmas craft ideas I came upon this amazing post. A step by step guide about how to make paper Christmas stars.

So Missy and I went shopping for scrapbook paper. We picked the Christmas ones of course and got 2 sheets of each to make some huge stars.

So back at home I just put my laptop on the table in front of us so we could easily follow the steps. Everything was well explained and fairly easy to do. Me and Miss M did one sheet each. I was doing a step then helping her with hers after until we were done and stock our 2 pieces together.

It was a bit hard for a 4-year-old to do because it  have to be a little bit straight  for it to work. We probably will do better on the next one anyway.

The post asked for “glue dots” and I only had normal white glue. I used the glue that I had at first and soon realized that it needed something thicker like hot glue or sticky tape because you cannot press the 2 pieces of star together very hard like you would need to do when using white glue. I finally used the tape and it worked fine.

So we were pretty happy with our first star and we will make some more soon. I strongly recommend reading The Magic Onions: Make Hanging Christmas Stars before, so you can get everything you need including the right kind of glueWinking smile.

Me a mom at home


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