What the TV is off ?!?

I was reading blogs again when I just realized that there wasn’t any background noise like usually…So what’s going on? What is Hubby doing? He is playing on his iPhone with Missy. Trading a screen for another? Yes but it seems easier to stop  the little screens for a while and there is more interaction. We can use Skype on it to talk to his mom in Australia now and the quality of the video is better than on my laptop.

I kind a like it when the TV is off…it is so peaceful! So if I count the screen in here there is 1( TV), 2 (desktop),3 (laptop), 4 (iPhone), 5 (portable DVD player). Wow! Maybe we should look at each other once in a while. I  miss the time when we did not have satellite TV and just a few channel. We still used to found stuff to watch but also found more time to interact with each other.

The ultimate solution is probably not to have any satellite connection and only watch DVD’s in the week-end sometimes. I will try to explain that to Hubby nowI don't know smile. He will probably tell me that we should get rid of my laptopCrying face


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