The Santa fever

In the middle of the night ( more early morning) my daughter sneaked into our bed and snuggle against me. It was kind of cold and she was warming me up. I was asleep and woke up a little thinking I liked the warm cuddle but then I thought she is so warm ! So  I really woke up and she had a fever…

I gave her some Advil and went back to bed for 10 minutes then she woke up again and started coughing…and whenever she cough she almost always end up vomiting.  Poor Missy! Even at 4 she did not understand what was happening to her and got all freaked out about it…

So it came out on my bedroom carpet…Yeah! Then I thought: why is there carpet in a house with children? It was about 5h30 am and I made her a bed in the living room and we watched cartoons on TV.

This afternoon it was the Christmas parade in town so we ended up going since she was not too bad after all and I  am glad we did because we had a great time. They were throwing candies and chocolate for the children to pick up, she ate a few and had a sugar rush doubled with the excitement of seeing all the lights and decorations on the trucks. She was just screaming ”there’s another one coming” while jumping of excitement! A great day after all

Me a mom at home


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