Tricky little fingers

It happens to everybody to lose things right? Well here it happens in my home maybe a little more often. We are constantly looking for the remotes of all kinds. We always find them though. Sometimes underneath the sofa or under a cushion.

About 2 weeks ago I was looking for my bank card, a bit more serious than losing the remote control this time. I knew exactly where I left it and Hubby confirmed that he has seen it in the exact same spot. I looked everywhere I could think it might be. Suddenly  Missy told me “I think it’s me who took it”. So the maybe here might suggest that she really took it OR would like to join me in the little game I am playing.

So I started to look seriously in her bedroom and after many attempt to make her remember where she might have put it, I gave up and started to think that she was making hiding places up just to play with me. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

So we headed to the bank and got a new one, end of chapter.

This morning Hubby wakes me up with a  “honey, where did you put my keys yesterday when we came back from the arena?”. Well I was still in bed and was dreaming something nice…All I could remember was that I unlocked the door and rushed to the toilet. We looked absolutely everywhere for the damned keys including Missy’s bedroom where Hubby found my bank card from the other day. Then we kind of new that she took the keys even if she said she did not!Open-mouthed smile

Well I had a strange confirmation about it when Hubby left for work and Missy looked very surprised that her Daddy was going. How come Daddy is going to work? He doesn’t have his keys! It sounded like her plan had failed…I guess she doesn’t know about spare keys yet. I know that by now she wouldn’t remember where she’s put it anyway…

Because I have already gave up, we went and had some new keys cut today and I am expecting to find a set of keys somewhere unexpected …hopefully soon.

UPDATE Dec. 14: Thanks to Hubby stubbornness, he finally found it at the bottom of his socks drawer. Silly me  even topped it up with fresh clean socks today and didn’t even see the keys. I told you I gave up…


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