Send me an Army General

I wish I was one of those perfect stay-at-home mom that can keep their house clean and free from clutter everyday. I am so far from this picture it’s depressing. When I clean a room I almost feel like locking the door so it stays clean for a  while.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and as I clean a room another one gets trashed. A friend of mine often use to say to me:

“ It’s alright, there is people living in this house “

Yes it’s true, but we are only three and during the day only two and sometimes it feels like a whole hockey team went through the living room. As soon as I let my guard down the counter and any other surface with space will simply fill up with all sort of stuff from papers to DVD’s. Nope, the Fly Lady didn’t do it for me and Yes, I am that hopeless.

In fact I am just a naturally disorganised-messy person. I have an organiser or daily planner if you prefer but what I really need is an army general! So my problem is not the actual cleaning because it feels like  it’s all I do. It seems that it would be more of a maintenance issue. Putting things back in their proper place right away, is a concept that is totally alien to me. Oh yes I tried and I’m still trying but as soon as I get the “new me” out, the old one come back running. The good thing is that with all that trying over the years I am getting  a LITTLE better. lol

Hi, my name is Mom and I am a messy person. Now that I have admitted my problem what is the next step?


2 responses to “Send me an Army General

  1. LOL, The next step? Take a picture when you think your house is perfect and then get out of the house to enjoy a treat for being such a great person.. Who cares the mess if there is love ? I prefer reading your blog than cleaning my house. I have exactly the same situation me,my husband and my son and same DVDs and clothes and magazines all over the place. Good luck and ask Santa to get for you 5 hours of a housekeeper per week:-)

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