Cookies and cuddles

I just love baking cookies before Christmas . I always try new recipes and bake old family ones too.  One of my favourites is oatmeal and dates sandwich cookies. I love everything that has dates in it. I try to make small amounts of each because we end up eating cookies until Easter.

My next try is going to be macarons , I don’t know which kind yet (probably raspberry)but I already bought the almond powder. I found  a recipe direct from France at Total Immersion-French style . It looks absolutely delicious. It would be a perfect treat for Christmas with a nice pink-red colour! We will see if I can manage to make those cute little patisseries.

I am taking the time to watch Christmas cartoons and movies with my daughter having a hot chocolate and testing a cookies or two. Christmas decoration everywhere in the house, cookies, cuddling on the couch! Life is good at home!


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