Failing the life test

More than a year ago I took a first aid course. Something I needed for work. Of course it’s been a while and honestly I don’t remember much. I have always wondered how I would remember anything in case I had to help someone. I guess nobody knows how they going to react in an emergency situation.

So Today at a Christmas party my daughter was eating a piece of pizza and some brownies she had picked up from the desert tray. I was just beside her sitting at the table with another mom and her children. So I hear coughing and turned to see that it was Missy. It happens often that she does that but this time she was not stopping and was having more and more trouble breathing. I picked her up from the chair and put her on the floor while yelling at hubby to come. She was choking, and I was totally freaking out not knowing what to do. I  was really trying to remember that damned first aid course but NOTHING!I just panicked! I ended up hitting her in the back and pressing on her belly with one hand (around the place we are supposed to press with both hands,  I remember that now) and she finally vomited! I don’t know if what I did helped or not but I was just so relieved!

After making sure she was alright I took her to the bathroom to wash up. She told me that it was the ham rind from the pizza that was stock in her throat and it was too far from her to get it out. I was doing my best to hold my tears and Missy was back on track, happy like if nothing happened.

Back at home I just kept thinking that I should have been in control of the situation. I should have known exactly what to do! That was the purpose of the first aid course and I hopelessly failed. I am supposed to be the one protecting my daughter and today I almost lost her because of my lack of knowledge. I feel so horrible and guilty too.

So I wrote this post just after reading the first aid book and practicing on Missy. If it happen again I don’t know if I would still panic but I might be able to get my head together if I keep the information fresh. Nobody is prepared for that kind of situation but some people’s reaction is better than other. It is something I will now practice very often so that I will be able to remember the procedure step by step.

I am usually the best at preventing but it didn’t help this time so I will get prepared for the worst from now on.


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