No more electricity: What do we do?!?

Well that how much dependant we are. It just got pitch black in the house and because my battery is fully loaded I am able to keep writing. My daughter was watching a DVD and it still works too. I better find some candles now…

…Done! I have just lit every candle holder that I have and improvised some new ones with a few “ramequins” (little ceramic dish). It looks absolutely beautiful in here which makes me wonder why I never do that ! I used to light candles all the time but with a child I got rid of the habit even if I still have a few high place that would be out of Missy’s reach.

So with almost all of the electronics gone we decide to go on with our plan to go shopping for ice fishing gear. The rest of the town still has power and if it’s not back we will head to a restaurant for dinner after the shopping trip. I am just asking myself what we would have done if the rest of town didn’t have electricity either.

For me and my brothers as children,  evening with no powers meant endless fun. We got to use my mother’s  coloured glass candle holders and  put them around the table to play all our society games  for hours. The darkness everywhere was so mysterious and made us feel kind of brave. The wood stove  kept us warm no matter how long the power was out for. Mom use to make some soup putting the pot on it and it felt even more special. All the family felt closer together and those memories are very precious to me now.

Now as an adult no power means nothing to do and a colder house. It all makes me think that we are so dependant of electricity and of all electronics too.


2 responses to “No more electricity: What do we do?!?

  1. Hi. I get what you mean. These days, when the power goes out, if you don’t have any backup power of any sort then you’re in for an unproductive time stuck in the dark. When I was a kid, I dunno why it felt more fun hanging around the candle telling stories with my brothers and sisters. Now that seems like a form of torture and very difficult to endure.

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