Skating rink in your yard made easy!

lifeofamomathome.wordpress.comMy first motivation was to teach my daughter how to skate. My second one was to have easy access to a skating rink so that we could go as often as we wanted. My third reason was to have a little project to start and for once finish it.

When I looked up “how to build a skating rink” on the web, I found all sort of DIY project that needed tools and probably carpenter knowledge. For most of the skating rink you need to buy wood or other material.  There was also a way to do it that didn’t need anything but snow.  So I decide to use this one except that I bought a tarp for about 100$ to make sure the water would stay in the rink no matter how warm the weather would get. I am not talking about keeping it until may but for  weather like the other day when it was 6 degrees Celsius and everything was melting.

Skating rinkSo when the first snow came and it was all sticky (snowmen material), I cleared a rectangular area of my yard that was about of the tarp’s size but a little bit smaller. I made sure to push the snow evenly all around it to make the sides of the rink. Because it was all slushy it turned hard as ice a few days later. It was perfect for a good base. So I did the same thing at every snow fall until the sides got to about 2 feet tall.

We waited a few days to let the sides harden  before to proceed with the tarp. I said “we” because when it started to look a bit more interesting Hubby decided to step in and help. I am glad he did because laying a 25’ x 45’ tarp is a bit of mission when it is packed and folded tight.

So we laid the tarp over the  cleared spot and made sure it went over the sides as well. After, we gathered all the pieces of wood we could find in the shed and put it around the side to make sure the tarp wouldn’t lift with the wind.

DSCF5301It was the afternoon and the mistake we made was to start filling it up right away. We should have waited and start on a morning of a not so cold day and fill it up all at once.

Instead we started the flooding the same afternoon at minus 25. The water was freezing almost right away. We had to keep moving the hose constantly. So we flooded it over the week-end to end up with an uneven surface. We had to flood it again when it was just a few degrees over zero so the rink could fill up and the water get flat before to freeze. After that it was perfectly smooth.

For about 100$ we now have our own skating rink and Missy can now cross it all by herself on her skates. She falls off and gets up on her own too. Because the weather hasn’t been too cold lately we just went on it about 3 times and she is so good already. I am so proud of her! That rink was really worth the money even if it was just to see the look on her face when she made it the other side.

One project finished and lots of beautiful memories built!

Me a mom at home


2 responses to “Skating rink in your yard made easy!

  1. My daughter is just starting to skate as well 🙂

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