Fire at Canada place?

Sunday we headed towards Edmonton to have a 2 days for a change of scenery and go to the passport bureau at Canada place on Monday.

Last year(2011), I  had my child’s passport application sent back to me twice because of the photo. The first time I got the photo from wall-mart(bad idea) and the dimension was wrong, the second time they could see the chair behind my daughter so it was not good?!?! They were probably scared they wouldn’t recognise my daughter at the airport if she didn’t have a chair behind her like the photo.

So I went to the agency in our town and I had them take a photo. Since it was for a child they didn’t know if it would suit our government’s expectations so she suggested that I apply in person to make sure it would go through, if not, there is a professional photo shop in the building.    

So this morning we arrived there at around 10ham and started to line up in front of the photos shop so while I was standing in line hubby went with Missy and got another photo taken in case to prevent having to start over if the other one wasn’t good enough.

We waited about 30 minutes to get a number and been told that it would be another 30 min. (Ah! it will take less time than I imagined) and we could wait downstairs where there are screens showing which number is coming up.

While waiting for a pizza the fire alarm started and we had to get out of there (we were right beside the terrace which was good.  While sitting at a table outside being thankful for the mild weather,  the guy from the pizza shop brought the pizza to us even if he was suppose to stay out too. I tough it was super nice of him considering the situation. 5 minutes after the security made us move and go the other side of the street into the Shaw conference center for about 30-45 minutes until they made sure Canada place was safe.

Of course  we had to line up again, seat and wait at the passport bureau. After another 40 minutes we finally got the applications in to learn that my daughter’s photo taken by the travel agent was too shiny on the chin and forehead.  I congratulated myself for taking one more pic at the photo shop and we headed to the car.

A few hours of waiting and a fire drill (my guess) that I would have skipped made me very happy to take the road home.


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