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Cookies and cuddles

I just love baking cookies before Christmas . I always try new recipes and bake old family ones too.  One of my favourites is oatmeal and dates sandwich cookies. I love everything that has dates in it. I try to make small amounts of each because we end up eating cookies until Easter.

My next try is going to be macarons , I don’t know which kind yet (probably raspberry)but I already bought the almond powder. I found  a recipe direct from France at Total Immersion-French style . It looks absolutely delicious. It would be a perfect treat for Christmas with a nice pink-red colour! We will see if I can manage to make those cute little patisseries.

I am taking the time to watch Christmas cartoons and movies with my daughter having a hot chocolate and testing a cookies or two. Christmas decoration everywhere in the house, cookies, cuddling on the couch! Life is good at home!


The Santa fever

In the middle of the night ( more early morning) my daughter sneaked into our bed and snuggle against me. It was kind of cold and she was warming me up. I was asleep and woke up a little thinking I liked the warm cuddle but then I thought she is so warm ! So  I really woke up and she had a fever…

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Christmas craft : Easy Christmas stars

Christmas craft: christmas starThe other day on my search for Christmas craft ideas I came upon this amazing post. A step by step guide about how to make paper Christmas stars.

So Missy and I went shopping for scrapbook paper. We picked the Christmas ones of course and got 2 sheets of each to make some huge stars.

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What is your favourite Christmas decoration?

gingerbread houseIf it’s too early for Christmas decorations well it’s too late for us. The other day when it started snowing ,the Christmas spirit got us ! Missy and I, all the sudden felt like putting the lights outside. Those blue DEL lights are so cute so we couldn’t resist but putting them up on the fence. Too bad what the neighbours might think because we love it and we put the tree inside the day after.

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