The lazy mom story box

I love to read blogs, especially other mom’s blog. It makes me feel more “normal” Surprised smileand usually it is full of amazing ideas for all kinds of little thing that needs a solution or just fun activities to do with your child. Today I came upon a wonderful post  that just made sense to me.

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What is your favourite Christmas decoration?

gingerbread houseIf it’s too early for Christmas decorations well it’s too late for us. The other day when it started snowing ,the Christmas spirit got us ! Missy and I, all the sudden felt like putting the lights outside. Those blue DEL lights are so cute so we couldn’t resist but putting them up on the fence. Too bad what the neighbours might think because we love it and we put the tree inside the day after.

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4 year old girl + 25 hours flight = Please Help !

long haul flightThe other day like we do often , we spoke  to hubby’s mom through Skype. She just happened to call while supper was ready so “I sat her” at the table. I mean putting the laptop at the end of the table, so it would be like she’s having a meal with us. She didn’t eat with us in 10 years.

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Scary voice?

scary voiceI have been kind of sick for about 4 days now. The first 2 days were all right. I was still positive and ready to fight it. Actually I was sure that was already better when suddenly on the third day,Bang!

Look at those cute lunches!!

Cute lunch box from:

Speed bento technique: Freezing sandwiches | Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento.

As a mother it’s normal to run out of inspiration for lunches. I don’t pack lunches but I need to constantly look for ideas  so I don’t get stuck with the same food all the time. Children are difficult with

Breakfast or brunch?

I came upon this site the other day when I was looking for some ideas for lunch and I am pleased to say that I was very surprised to find some different sandwich fillings. Finally we had

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Trick or treat

summer vacation gaspesie july 2011 524We had such a good time to go from house to house on Monday. We all had a costume and dressed up warmly because it was freeeeezing! I mean tuques underneath the wigs ,coats underneath the costumes and mittens as well. It did not matter at all. I am not one of those “to proud to dress for the weather” person. We had such a great time together and

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How to calculate the dosage for children Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen

First make sure you verify all the information with your pediatrician and always verify your calculation result

Second you should read my article and the links I included about dosage

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Do you know the right dose of fever medication for your child?

summer vacation gaspesie july 2011 521This morning my sweet little girl crawled into our bed and woke me up to snuggle with me. Then she tried to take the blankets off everybody because SHE was to hot.  I protested because I was so comfortable the way I was. Then I realise she seemed not well and I felt her skin. Bad surprise, she was

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One of those…

Today was one of those days who says that you better set your mind to it because winter is coming! Yep nice and sunny but freezing. Even if it’s too early for this it made me feel

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